I’m currently attending the UK’s and possibly the world’s first open-access Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) reversal programme, created and run by Eddy and Claire Marshall over at: Dia-Beat This!

Eddy lost 50lbs over a five month period and 13 months after diagnosis was taken off the Diabetic Register, having been judged to be free of all signs of Type 2.

The intention of this blog is to log everything I eat on a daily basis, along with the nutritional information of each item and a daily summary of the totals for the recorded information.

I will also be logging my blood glucose levels in mmol/L along with the date & time of each reading. I will be keeping records of my weight, BMI, and the number of steps (daily) taken.

My intention is to also keep a daily video diary and will link to it or stream it from this site.

So, for now wish me luck.

P.s. My starting stats:

Weight: 85kg
Height: 175cm
Blood Glucose(BG): 7.8 (avg) over past 7 days